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All-On-4/6 Implantation

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All-On-4 prosthetics in Minsk

Many people encounter such a problem as the loss of teeth in older age. Moreover, if we keep postponing this matter, we allow the reduction of the bone tissue in the jaw area to progress, which results in the aggravation of the situation and leads to further complications. 

The classic implantation is not always able to help in the most extreme cases. That is why the dentists have developed the new system of all-on 4 prosthetics (prosthetics on 4 implants). Today this prosthetics technology is available in Minsk and implies the installation of a prosthesis with a safe fixture in the form of implants.

The method lies in the installation of a prosthodontical construction having the main basis in the form of 4 implants even in the cases of complete adentia. The implants are located in strictly individual places that are determined by the specialist after the study of the panoramic X-ray and, if necessary, the computerized tomography.

However, there are certain specific features in the installation of implants. Two of them are installed in the front section of the jaw horizontally, and the other two are placed in the lateral jaw section at the angle of 25 and 45 degrees. So that the prosthesis could be fixed in parallel to the implants, the specialized multiunit abutments are attached to the implants.


All-On-4 and All-On-6 prosthetics and implantation technology

This technology can be fairly considered as a breakthrough in dentistry, as it has a number of advantages that make it more and more popular.

Advantages of All-On-4/6 prosthetics: 

  •      The all-on 4 and all-on 6 prosthetics procedure takes only 4 days;
  •      The cost is much lower that in the case of installation of separate implants on each tooth, as only 4 implants are used;
  •      In 80% of cases, we can do without bone augmentation (sinus lifting);
  •      Works in case of complete loss of teeth;
  •      Does not require any plastic surgery of the bone tissue (bone autotransplantation);
  •      No need for lateralization;
  •      Secure screw-retained prosthesis;
  •      Even load on all implants;
  •      Short term of adjustment.

Stages of All-On-4/6 prosthetics 

Stage one

A number of preparatory procedures are conducted: oral cavity sanitation, hygiene, caries and pulpitis treatment, etc. The patient can undergo these procedures at the place of residence (if coming from another city). 

The board of specialists from our center thoroughly studies the patient’s X-rays (they can be sent to us in advance, so that we could draw up the specific treatment plan). Based on the panoramic X-ray and/or computerized tomography, the technique and the place of implants installation is established. Digital 3D modeling is performed for more precise planning.

Stage 2 (first visit to clinic) 

The patient comes for a personal consultation with the implant surgeon and the prosthodontist. All issued are discussed. The prosthodontist makes a cast model for the future prosthesis that is modeled by the dental technicians within 1 day.

The following day the implants are installed (the procedure takes about 1.5-2 hours). Then the prosthodontist works with the patient (tries on the prosthesis, selects the right multiunit abutments, makes the final cast model).

On day 4 the prosthesis subframe is tried on and in the second half of the day the ready prosthesis with the individually selected teeth is fixed onto the implants with the help of screws.

It should be noted that the all-on 4/all-on 6 technologies are indicated for the people using removable prostheses, as well as in cases of complete or partial adentia.

Patients` feedback on All-On-4 prosthetics

This technology has been gaining popularity with the US implant surgeons since 2003. During 10 years, 150 test subjects have been testing this method of implantation. Upon completion of all tests, a conclusion was made that such technology mainly has positive sides and can be helpful in especially difficult cases. 

The lead implant manufacturers, such as Nobel Biocare, Noris Medical, Straumann, have started manufacturing the product lines for the most convenient work with All-on 4 and All-on 6 systems.

Why choose implantation in Minsk? 

Our specialists have undergone training with the leading Israeli implant surgeons and have perfectly mastered the all-on 4 prosthetics method. The cost of such procedure in Minsk is much lower than in the neighboring countries. For example, in Israel the cost of 1 jaw implantation may reach 20,000 USD. It is 5(!) times as cheap in Belarus!

One way or another, the price of all-on 4 prosthetics in Minsk is more affordable than in Moscow or the European countries.

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single phone for Belarus
401 single phone for Belarus