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Info for patients from EU and USA

KANO clinics are the largest dental network of dental clinics in Republic of Belarus. Also KANO known as leader in inbound dental tourism - the first foreign patient came to us in 2003. Since then, many patients from Russia, the Baltic States, Western Europe, the United States and more than 50 countries around the world came to us to restore their teeth. 

Over the past 4 years, the number of American and Europe citizens who come to our KANO clinics for dental treatment has noticeably increased and we prepared for you our 14 main reasons why this happens.

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14 reasons why people from the European Union and USA choose KANO clinic for dental treatment 

Dental treatment cost

1. Affordable price. Saving on treatment up to 970%! 

Of course, one of the main factors for the arrival of citizens from the USA and Europe for dental treatment in our KANO clinic is the cost of treatment. 

After the calculations, we found out that the price difference for the same procedure can differ by 20 times! There are many reasons for this, but the main thing is that the economy of the Republic of Belarus is based on socially-oriented market model principles. The state regulates prices for socially significant groups of goods and services, which includes prices for medical services.

«All on 4/6» concept: 
USA - starting at 35 000 euro 
EU – starting at 8 000 euro 
KANO - starting at 3 850 euro

Implant + abutment + crown (ceramic-metal) 
USA – starting at 3500 euro 
EU – starting at 950 euro 
KANO - 650 euro

Ceramic veneer 
USA – 2000-3000 euro for unit 
Europe – 1200 euro for unit 
KANO - 350 euro for unit

Endodontic treatment (one rooth channel) 
USA - starting at 1000 euro 
EU – starting at 100 euro 
KANO – 50 euro

Teeth whitening (Beyond Polus system) 
USA – starting at 2000 euro 
EU – starting at 400 euro 
KANO – 200 euro

CT scan (3D) 
USA - 300 euro 
EU – 120 euro 
KANO – 20 euro

Panoramic X-ray 
USA – 150 euro 
EU – 50 euro 
KANO – 5 euro

You can find the full list of our prices here



2. Acknowledged world-class professionals

KANO clinics is the only one in the Republic of Belarus, and one of the few in Europe, which has a prestigious international quality certificate ISO9001: 2015, issued by the authoritative certification body from the UK (LAABS) in 2017.

Specialists from the UK examined the work of doctors, their qualifications, equipment, and materials, as well as the quality of service. This certificate confirms that our clinic meets all the highest standards of quality as the treatment provided, and the materials and equipment used. We have invested a lot of resources and efforts in our development so that you can get the same quality of treatment as in the leading clinics in Europe but at Belarusian prices. 

World-class professionals
Dental implants KANO

3. Modern equipment and premium class materials

Implants from world leading brands: Nobel Biocare (Sweden), Straumann (Switzerland), MegaGen (South Korea), Noris Medical (Israel). These implants have shown the best success of osseointegration over a long distance. 

All these implants are registered in the USA and Europe which means that if you need to change the crown on the implant installed by us, any orthopedic doctor in your region will be able to do it. Materials for metal-ceramic crowns, ceramic restorations, and veneers are produced in Germany, Japan, and Liechtenstein. Photopolymer filling materials and the latest generation anesthetics are from the world's leading manufacturers from Germany and Japan. Our clinics are also equipped with the latest dental chairs which create perfect comfort for the patient.

You can see it for yourself on our 3D tour around the clinic.

4. State control over the medical field

According to the legislation of our country, only doctors with the category can work in private dental clinics. This means that before getting the opportunity to work with patients in a private clinic, a novice doctor needs to gain experience in public health institutions and only after 3-5 years of work, a doctor gradually passes qualification exams. If the tests are successfully passed, a private dental clinic has the right to hire this specialist.

Given the fact that our clinic works with patients from all over the world, we choose doctors carefully. First, we study the CV, portfolio of work and letters of recommendation of the doctor we are interested in. If everything's good, this doctor gets an internship at our clinic, during which he is trained to work according to our quality standards. According to statistics only 1 from 4 doctors who sends us their CV gets the opportunity to take an internship in our clinic.

And if the internship is successfully completed, the applicant passes an internal exam. Only after that a council of experienced doctors, led by the head physician of the clinic, decides whether this doctor is suitable for work in the KANO clinics.

Such a thorough selection of doctors means that our patients can with 100% certainty expect that they will be treated by experienced and qualified doctors and that the necessary result will be achieved! 

KANO dentists
Dental tourism in Minsk

5. Continuous development of professional qualities

An important factor determining the choice of a clinic for dental treatment is the quality of provided treatment. We understand that we have to compete with many countries that are engaged in dental tourism. To win among many of those, we need to be at least at the level, and ideally to be head and shoulders above other clinics! Doctors are responsible for the quality of treatment! 

The best advertisement for our services is happy patients who love their new teeth and advise our organization to their friends and acquaintances. According to our statistics, every third foreigner who came to us found out about us by the so-called word of mouth thanks to the first-class treatment we provide.

That is why our implantologists, orthopedists, and therapists constantly attend practical courses in leading European and world clinics in Italy, Israel, Spain, South Korea, Portugal, South Korea, Russia and so on. 

6. The shortest terms of teeth treatment

The first KANO clinic was opened in 1999. For 20 years the entire geography of visiting patients is 57 countries. More than 1,100 foreign patients visited us only in 2019.

During these years of working with foreign patients, we have accumulated enormous practical experience in organizing the treatment and accompanying patients' process. Due to the built over the years and well-established system of interaction between doctors of different profiles: implant surgeons, orthopedists, therapists, as well as dental technicians, we managed to minimize the time for dental treatment, while maintaining the high quality of work. We have been working for a long time, overcame all the crises and are still growing.   

Terms of dental treatment
Visa-free entry

7. Visa-free entry to the country

Another important factor in choosing a place for dental treatment for citizens of the USA and Europe is the ease of getting to the clinic itself.

Currently, citizens of 74 countries, including the United States and most of European countries can come to Belarus without a visa. The main condition is arrival and departure through the National Airport Minsk. You only need to have a passport and insurance of at least 10 thousand euros (it can be issued upon arrival at the airport ). In simple words, now it has become very easy for US and EU citizens to visit our country - you just need to buy a plane ticket! 

8. Safe stay

All our patients from abroad note that the safety of staying in the country of treatment was one of the most significant factors to choose our clinic. We should note that the safety of citizens is a priority area of the state's internal policy in the Republic of Belarus.

A couple of facts about the country:

Republic of Belarus is an independent, modern state, which is located in the center of the European part of the continent with a population of about 10 million people.

The official languages are Belarusian and Russian. Many speak English.

86% of the country's residents are Christians.

Since our authorities closely monitor the observance of orders and laws, the crime rate in the country is extremely low.

Our foreign patients note that they decided to set their sights on the Republic of Belarus mostly because our country has never experienced such phenomena as "mafia", "drug war" and "kidnapping." It is indeed so.

Let's look at the world statistics. According to the Internet portal Numbeo* - Belarus is one of the 16 safest countries in the world. 

* Numbeo is the world's largest user-provided database of cities and countries around the world. Numbeo provides up-to-date and timely information on the world's living conditions, including the cost of living, housing, health, traffic, crime, and pollution.

In other words, Belarus is one of the most attractive countries for dental tourism for security considerations. All our clinics are located in Minsk - the capital of the Republic of Belarus. Minsk is the tenth-largest city in Europe, which has a population of 2 million people and has preserved excellent historical buildings in the city center. Minsk is also one of the safest cities in Europe. Below you can find key safety indicators compiled from surveys of residents and guests of the capital.

*Numbeo Portal Data

All our patients from abroad confirm these statistics, and also note the cleanliness of the city and the goodwill of the local population. 

Kano clinics (Minsk)

9. The cost of living in Belarus is much lower than in USA and EU

Although the Republic of Belarus is located in the center of Europe and is a progressive and developed country, the cost of living in the country is much lower than in Europe and the USA. 
As noted above, this is directly related to the social orientation of the economy and state regulation of prices. The state also covers most of the costs and utilities. Below you can find an approximate level of prices for food, services, basic consumer and household needs, as well as the average salary. 

All payments are accepted in Belarusian rubles. But exchanging money is easy because Minsk has a huge number of currency exchange points. Thus, our patients not only significantly save on the cost of treatment, but also on the goods and services that they use during their stay in our country.

10. Remote treatment planning 

Signing up for treatment in our clinic is simple:

1) You should take a 3D picture (CBCT) and send this picture to us by email.

2) We pass your picture to doctors. Our doctors (orthopedic dentist, implant surgeon, and therapist) have a pre-surgery conference that draws up a preliminary treatment plan indicating the timing, stages, and cost of the work. 

3) We assign to you a personal medical coordinator, who is involved specifically in your case. Since your coordinator would also be a dentist, he will answer all your highly specialized questions and clarify unclear points in treatment terms.

4) After discussing all the points, you should settle a specific date of arrival for treatment. We understand that to come to another country for treatment, you need to take a weekend or vacation, and plan everything. Therefore, we draw up an accurate schedule for appointments with doctors 1-2 months before the expected arrival which allows our patients to plan their time safely.

5) If needed, we will assign to you a personal tour manager, who will meet you from the airport and provide you with comfortable apartments. 

Treatment planning
Patient Support

11. 24/7 Patient Support 

We're understand that you are coming to a foreign and unfamiliar country. That's why we try to provide maximum support and assistance on all domestic issues and take you literally under our "wing"! That’s why our tour manager immediately meets you on leaving the airport and takes you to your apartment.

We will provide you with a phone with a Belarusian SIM card and the Internet. We will be in touch with you throughout the treatment. Providing comfortable apartments which include:

- Free Wi-Fi

- Always clean, comfortable and cozy

- Always clean air (smoking is prohibited in these apartments)

- Blenders for chopping food (especially necessary for patients undergoing treatment by the complex implantation technique)

- Our apartments are within walking distance from the clinic. You do not need to spend your money on a taxi to the clinic and, if necessary, you reach the clinic within 10 minutes. Thus, you are almost always under the supervision of your doctor. 

Apartments in Minsk

Also after installing the implants, the patient receives an accompanying package from the surgeon with an anesthetic, thermo-cooler and antibiotic. Our tour manager accompanies you on your way to the airport after the treatment is completed.

We take full responsibility for solving all your household issues and you can safely undergo treatment and focus on a comfortable pastime. 

12. Insurance payments

Almost all of our patients from the USA and EU have private health insurance. Each insurance company operates according to different rules, but the general principle is the same for everyone: each year a certain amount of money for dental services is covered by the insurance company. We provide all the necessary documents in English so that you can receive reimbursement of expenses from your insurance and thereby save even more on dental treatment! 

Insurance payments
Warranties for treatment

13. Warranties for treatment

One of the main question for our patients from abroad is: "How am I legally protected? What guarantees will I have? " 

No worries! After the treatment, you will be given all the necessary documents:

- an initialed agreement which indicates all the performed work, and the fixed cost of treatment;

- initialed guarantees for the performed work; 

- a passport for an implant, which includes all the necessary data (manufacturer, type, size);

Notably, our long practice shows 100% fulfillment of all insurance obligations. 

14. All dental services

KANO it is full-cycle clinics. That means that we provide all types of dental services and you can get all the treatment you need in one place. The clinic specializes in implantation, prosthetics, and therapeutic dentistry. Our dentists do their best to preserve your teeth.

The most popular services among our foreign citizens are:

All-On-4/6 implantation

Basal implantation 

Dental implantation

Zygomatic implantation

Dental prosthetics

Teeth whitening


You can learn more about our services here - services.  

All dental services
Best Doctors Our dentists have clinical experience from 8 to 30 years. Meet our best professionals who create the perfect smile!
Zhukovets Igor
Zhukovets Igor All-On-4 prothesis expert. Immidiate loading specialist.
Yaroschik Timofey
Yaroschik Timofey Maxillofacial surgeon. Complex surgery and implantation.
Dobritskiy Anton
Dobritskiy Anton Esthetic restorations. Digital Smile design. MegaGen expert and lecturer.
Shnitko Nikolay
Shnitko Nikolay Dental prothesis, dental bridges on implants and teeth. Crowns. Veneers.
Verbitskiy Aleksandr
Verbitskiy Aleksandr Expert in digital dentistry, CEREC technologies and innovations
Sakadynets Aleksandr, PhD.
Sakadynets Aleksandr, PhD. Orthodontists. Top results with braces and mouthguards.
Sheleg Vladimir
Sheleg Vladimir Head Implantologiest. All-ON-4/6. Zygoma. Lectures and Mega Gen expert.
  • World-famous doctors
    World-famous doctors

    Trained by leading implantologists and perfectly mastered all-on-4/6 technique.


    Our result: 99% of successfully implant engrafment.

  • MORE THAN 1000 CLIENTS IN 2018
    MORE THAN 1000 CLIENTS IN 2018

    During all our practice we have fixed more than 10 000 implants.

  • engrafment GUARANTEE
    engrafment GUARANTEE

    Warranty: from 15 to 25 years.


  • ISO STANDARD: 9001: 2015
    ISO STANDARD: 9001: 2015

Portfolio The best way to show the doctors` skill is portfolio. See the examples of works and evaluates the results. Your healthy smile is our job!
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