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Computer 3D X-ray

Application of dental 3D tomography in therapy and prosthodontics 

Having mastered the CBCT (cone-beam computerized tomography – the correct name of 3D X-rays), the doctor gets an opportunity to study the state of each specific tooth literally from all sides. The nuances that may be skipped on a peri-apical or panoramic X-ray due to their linear image, can be easily detected by the doctor when studying a tooth in 3D projection. And it only take a few seconds!

Similarly, a prothodontist, when planning prosthodontic constructions, will be able to assess the state of the abutment teeth correctly. And, respectively, make a correct treatment plan and select the type of construction that will serve the patient reliably and for a long time.

3D CT of jaw for teeth implantation and sinus lifting

But anyway, the tomography opens the broadest opportunities to the implant surgeons. The modern functions in 3D programs allow assessing the width and the thickness of the bone tissue in the jaw section in question down to one tenth of a millimeter. Respectively, the implant surgeon can select the correct implant size that will perfectly fit in each specific case.

Moreover, the tomography allows assessing and planning the procedures for the increase of the bone tissue volume in the paranasal sinuses area. In particular, sinus lifting is absolutely non-permissible without the preliminary study of a 3D X-ray. The tomography allows establishing whether there is liquid in the sinuses, which is a counter indication for any surgeries in this area.

Price of 3D X-Ray of jaw in Minsk

The cost of a panoramic X-ray on a dental tomograph is 5-6 USD. The price of 3D tomography of 1 jaw starts from 15 USD. The cost of 3D tomography of the upper and the lower jaw is about 25 USD.

Preliniry remote planning of implantation

The 3D tomography implies a large number of section images made at different angles. The machine saves the images in .dicom format. Then the files are arranged in the required way with the help of a specialized viewer program and reconstruct the full picture in 3D. The universal 3D research standards using DICOM files have enabled easy transfer of CT data via file exchange services and arrange remote consultations with doctors or colleagues in other cities. Thus, our colleagues from Russia (Saint Petersburg) regularly send us the X-rays of their patients that are willing to get a second opinion from the doctors in Belarus. The data transfer from Saint Petersburg to Minsk takes only 20 minutes and the price is 0 USD.

Kodak Carestream CS9300 — a universal clinical solution 

Out of the wide range of 3D tomographs on the market, we have selected Kodak-Trophy X-ray equipment with a wide are of research.

The cone-beam tomographs with a built-in panoramic mode are manufactured in France in the Carestream products family.

The new dental 3D tomograph Carestream CS 9300 3D Select is basically the optimal choice for a complete cycle dental clinic. 

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single phone for Belarus
401 single phone for Belarus