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Dental Implantation

Dental implantation in Minsk

Dental implantation in Belarus (Minsk) is gaining more and more popularity each year. We have patients coming to our clinic for dental implantation from Russia, the Baltics, Kazakhstan, Israel. They choose us because we offer the optimal implantation solutions at favorable prices. This is proved by our patients’ feedbacks after the implantation. 

We approach each of our patients individually and plan the implantation tactics, draw up the treatment plan and calculate the cost of the work in advance.

 XIX century –first discoveries in the area of dental (osteointegrated) implantation.

1808 – first production of an artificial tooth (a crown prototype). Material – porcelain. Fixation on a platinum core. Place – Italy.

1809 – the Italians continue to contribute to the development of implant surgery. Production of a gold implant.

1839 – start of application of vulcanized rubber for tight fixation of artificial dental prostheses. 

1888 – discovery and proof of the biocompatibility theory (organic fusion of artificial materials and human tissues). Due to this discovery, the number of successful implantations keeps growing in the further years. The implants start to fuse (osteointegrate) with the patients’ bones in most cases.

1881 – Russia, IV Pirogov Convention of doctors, the first publication of the report by the N.N. Znamensky, MD, “Artificial Dental Implantation”. He reports: “If an implanted human tooth integrates in the cell only mechanically, it is an obvious conclusion that any other artificial tooth being an aseptic body can mechanically fuse into the cell instead of a human tooth. Of course, such tooth must be made of a highly tenacious material not prone to diffusion, be it porcelain, metal or suchlike”.

1950 – 1955 – Russia – E.Ya. Vares’s experiments on two-stage implantation have proven the fact that bony structure grows on the implanted elements within 3 months. It is also established that the thread implants encourage faster conjoining of the implant body with the bone tissue (reliable fixation of the implanted teeth to the patient’s bone is achieved). 

1965, Sweden – the establishment of the Swedish National School of Implant Surgeons that develops the theory of osteointegrated two-stage implants.

1983, Kaunas (USSR) – following the good results of application of titanium implants, the Experimental Laboratory for Dental Implantation and Prosthetics is established under the leadership of professor S.P. Chepulis. The Chepulis team proves to the government and the public that the application of dental implants is safe. It is followed by the official permission to use implants in the Soviet doctors’ practice.

March 4, 1986 – the USSR Ministry of Healthcare issues the decree No. 310 “On measures for practical implementation of the method of prosthodontics treatment with the application of implants”.

Implantation or prosthetics? Pros and cons. 

We had a patient with secondary adentia (absence of several teeth) in the grinder areas of the upper and the lower jaw.

After a consultation with the implant surgeon and the prosthodontist, the patient was offered 2 options for restoration of the grinding function in the area of the missing teeth.

Option 1 – restoration of the missing teeth with bridgework (segments and 3)

Firstly, the preparation of the adjacent teeth is performed (removal of pulp, dental facing for inlays).

Duration (approximately) – 6-7 hours. 

Cost: 180 USD (treatment of 2 and 3 canal teeth, retreatment of 2canal tooth)

Option 2 – installation of 1 Biomed implant (Switzerland) in the left and the right grinder segment of the lower jaw.  

1. Discussion of the treatment details with the implant surgeon.  

2. Installation of 2 implants under local anesthesia. 

Duration – 50 minutes

Cost: 2 BIOMED implants (Switzerland) – 663 USD

In 3 months:

1. Examination by implant surgeon + installation of the healing cap – 20 min. 2. In 10 days – installation of abutments (implant caps) + casting models for porcelain fused metal crowns (1.5 hours). In 7-10 days – installation of 2 porcelain fused metal crowns on the implants.

Cost of 2 crowns on implants: 442 USD

Total cost of implantation and prosthetics according to Option  = 1105 USD

Comparative table



Option 1 (bridgework) 

Option 2 (implants)


1. Damage of healthy teeth

2. Risks related to canal treatment

3. Bridgework service life is 8-15 years, after implantation

4. Many visits to the dentist

1. More expensive that porcelain fused metal bridgework

2. Possibility of implant failure (1-2%)


 1. Cost is about 235 USD lower that in case of implants

1. No need to “kill” the healthy adjacent teeth

2. Quick procedure (45 minutes only)

3. No risks related to canal treatment

Dental implantation — prices in Belarus

As known, the dental implantation process consists of several stages. Regarding that the services are paid for once rendered, in the event of two-stage implantation the patient gets a kind of a change to pay by installments. If, for example, the cost of complete implantation is 568 USD, during the first visit the patient will pay for the surgery stage (implant installation) – which is about 60% of the total amount. The remaining 40% shall be paid in 3-6 months, at the prosthetics stage (installation of acrylic, porcelain fused metal or zirconium crowns).

The core of the implantation cost consists of the following: 

  • The implant itself (we use mainly Swiss and Israeli dental implantation systems);
  • The crown material;
  • The work of the implant surgeon;
  • The work of the qualified prosthodontist and dental technician.

In addition, the cost of implantation includes the work of the assistant, the expendables (paper tissues, salivary ejectors, non-reusable tools, equipment operation, etc.).

Implant guarantee

The implant guarantee implies, first of all, the guarantee obligations of the implant manufacturer to its clients (i.e. the clinic). And, consequently, to the patients of the clinic. Regarding that we enjoy long-term relationships with the implant manufacturers and suppliers, the patients may rest assured that the guarantee obligations will be fulfilled. 

The product guarantee (dental implants) is issued for 15 to 25 years (depending on the manufacturer). Each implant has its own personal certificate that is attached to the patient’s medical record. The patient’s medical record, in turn, is kept at the clinic (pursuant to the law of the Republic of Belarus). If necessary, the patient may request a copy of their medical record with the implant certificates attached thereto.  

We also provide a guarantee for non-removable prostheses (crowns) that are installed onto the implants. Regarding that we have our own dental technical laboratory, our clinic manufactures the top quality prostheses.  

Make an appointment for a free consultation! You will be contacted by the medical coordinator soon and he will advise you on the terms and cost of treatment, pick up a doctor and make an appointment.
single phone for Belarus
401 single phone for Belarus