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Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics in Minsk

Dental prosthetics is the restoration of the lost teeth with the help of artificial prostheses. The dental prostheses can be non-removable and removable. The price of dental prosthetics in Belarus varies depending on the used materials and whether the clinic has its own dental technical laboratory. Dental prosthetics is a rather expensive joy, as the production of dental crowns requires the participation of a number of specialists: a therapist, a prosthodontist and a dental technician. 

Crowns — the king of dental restoration

Quite often, the postponement of a visit to the dentist “for later” ends up with tooth extraction. The “gaps” in the teeth create difficulties in chewing food, which complicates or provokes the diseases in the digestive system. The dental curve becomes deformed, because the remaining teeth are willing to occupy the “free space”, decline towards the newly formed defect and lose stability due to the overload. The hesitation to attend to the problem leads to the new extractions.

Regardless of the fact that our doctors fight for each tooth to the last, nobody is immune against the teeth loss. So the arising question is how to compensate for the loss in such a way that would make the artificial teeth as adequate a substitute of the natural ones as possible. This is where the dental prosthetics comes into play. And a specialized doctor – a prosthodontist – will help you make the right choice of the prosthesis. 

Non-removable dental prostheses in Minsk 

This type of prosthetics today is the most popular due to its reliable and long-lasting results.

Indications for porcelain fused metal crowns: severe tooth fracture, the tooth nerve (pulp) has been removed earlier, the tooth has almost completely deteriorated.

Stages of work: the prosthodontist examines the tooth then carefully preforms the dental facing so that the edges of the future crown would tightly fit to the gum. Then the prosthodontist models (carves) the inlay from a tenacious metal alloy (cobalt-chrome). The inlay is fixed into the tooth root. After the inlet has been fixed, the prosthodontist is able to make a cast model for the production of the future crown.

How to choose between the acrylic, porcelain fused metal and zirconium crown: if the case is about the restoration of a tooth in the smile area, of course, it would be better to go for a non-metallic ceramic crown (on the zirconium dioxide subframe. If a grinder tooth that is mainly in charge of the chewing functions is to be restored – the porcelain fused metal crown will be an absolutely right solution. If the patient is allergic to metals, it is a case to opt for the acrylic (plastic) crown. 

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single phone for Belarus
401 single phone for Belarus