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Porcelain Veneers

Hollywood smile in Minsk is reality! 

You can frequently notice that people are trying to hide their teeth while smiling. Unfortunately, more than 80% of people's teeth are far from ideal. So, the Hollywood firstly invented the veneers: teeth pads which allow smiling perfectly.

For several decades of veneers' existence, their installation techniques were brought to perfection. For example, our clinic in Minsk has minimal or excluded teeth facing, which makes guaranteed veneers installation virtually harmless for the teeth. Our main focus is a natural, aesthetic and reliable result.

Our specialists regularly attend courses and have numerous foreign and domestic certificates confirming their skill.


Why install veneers? 

In fact, there can be several reasons. It can be either issue about the smile, or a slight curvature of the teeth which you don't want to correct by an orthodontic method (through the braces) or aesthetic look of your teeth (yellowness, chips, intervals, etc.)

Before installation of the veneers, the sanitation of the oral cavity should be carried out. Thus, it is necessary to cure the entire existing caries, as well as make professional cleaning of the teeth.

Types of veneers

 There are two main types of veneers:

  • Ceramic (indirect installation)
  • Composite (direct restoration)

The most important is the type of veneers installation.

Many patients flatly refuse preparation (facing) of teeth. However, in some cases, teeth facing is not required.

This type of installation is called indirect veneer installation. The bottom line of the tooth is covered with solid ceramic structure (overlay), produced in the laboratory by mould made from the teeth of the patient. Such veneers allow to correct irregularities in teeth, as well as align and whiten the surface of teeth thus achieving a very natural aesthetic result.

Direct veneers installation implies the restoration of teeth in the chair when the doctor, gradually in layers applies a special composite mass of high quality, which is subsequently flashed by Photopolymer lamp. The material hardens and tooth takes final shape.

What type of veneers is better?

Very often the patient has difficulties on deciding during the consultation. A lot depends on the financial side of the issue. However, each patient must have initial information the types of veneer.

Why ceramic veneer stands is 3 or even 4 times more expensive than composite?

  • Firstly, the cost of the materials (ceramic and composite) is very different.
  • Secondly, the manufacture of ceramic veneers requires the work of a team of specialists headed by orthopedic surgeon and dental technician.
  • Thirdly, ceramic veneers need a very delicate work, and it requires high executive skills in the teeth treatment from podiatrist. The doctor is to pull off a smooth layer of dentin of thickness not exceeding 0.5 mm, or often even 0.2-0.3 mm (!).

Ceramic veneers

This type of veneer is a lightproof ceramic pad, which is often made from specially processed porcelain. The thickness of the plate is quite small (up to 0.5 mm). Tooth facing is minimal, and everything depends on the initial state of the tooth (presence ofpulpitis, smoothness of the tooth position, etc.).

E.Max vebeers (pressed ceramics)

This type of veneer is new in aesthetic dentistry. Their installation requires virtually no tooth facing, while the quality and aesthetics surpasses those of ceramic (porcelain) veneers.These veneeres are made of nonmetal pressed ceramics. Anton Pavlovich Dobrickij as a guru of Hollywood smile.

Key advantages of emax pressed ceramics:
  • lack of shading in the gum area (even after a long time we don't see dark spots in emax veneer adjoinment to gum);
  • reliability and durability thanks to the pressing technique;
  • the color won’t change;
  • abrasion won’t occur.


Main stages of work. How does it happen?

Step 1 Consultation (30-40 minutes)

  • Photographic images on the current situation
  • A detailed discussion of the clinical picture by photo
  • Study of possible options for aesthetic restoration basing on the patient's wishes and financial possibilities
  • Preparation of the detailed treatment plan phases and costs of work 
  • Discussion of possible dates of treatment and appointment

2-stage treatment (10-12 days)

  • Teeth preparation (replacement of fillings (if present) or teeth dissection for the prints)
  • Installment of temporary veneers for the period of permanent veneers manufacture of in the laboratory
  • Veneers are made-up within 5 days in the dental laboratory
  • Fitting of the ceramic veneer ·venner refinement in the dental laboratory
  • Fixation of veneer Prices for veneers in our clinics will be slightly lower than the average prices in the city.


I live in another city. How to learn about the cost and timing of the veveer treatment?

Of course, accurate determination of all the nuances and planning the optimal work is possible only after meeting with our doctors at the clinic.

But if you live far from Minsk, we can make an exception and try to create a treatment program remotely. To this end, we need the following obligatory data (send to our email:

  • maximum quality photos of smile zone (one with naturally clenched teeth, the second with opened mouth);
  • panoramic picture;
  • description of your wishes, and how do you see future teeth (you can attach a photo with examples from the Internet).



Make an appointment for a free consultation! You will be contacted by the medical coordinator soon and he will advise you on the terms and cost of treatment, pick up a doctor and make an appointment.
single phone for Belarus
401 single phone for Belarus