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Being one of the first republics of the Soviet Union, Belarus was also its western gate – the first sight of the achievements of Communism that the travelers saw entering the USSR by land. For this reason its post-war restoration was of paramount importance to the government. Today the former employees of the Soviet Intourist are missing those days when coaches of foreigners eager to have a look beyond the Iron Curtain were crossing Belarus on their way to Moscow and the Golden Ring… With no more curtain and central management Belarus is now turning in a destination of its own.

With all measures to promote tourism in Belarus and easing the ways of inbound tourists our tourism authorities have much to take care of. The general public in Western Europe is unlikely to spot the country of Belarus on the map on their own and would assume that it is a region of Russia. However, the visa barrier which was frowned upon by most Western travelers was removed in 2017, allowing first 5, then 30 days visa-free. Naturally, tourists are also scared away by stereotypes about lousy service and Cold War era infrastructure. 
As it happens, getting into Belarus from Vilnius or Kiev is very easy on a tourist visa (if you want to come by land) or even without one using the visa-free mode (Minsk airport). You can apply for Belarus visa in any country across the world.

Upon your arrival to Belarus you will be surprised to see the ex-Communist state with modern roads, efficient and reasonably priced public transport and modern cities with modern hotels. 


In view of the dramatic destruction of Belarus during the war, our country mostly offers WWII sights, Khatyn Village in the first line. WWII was also one of the reasons (along with the Revolution and Collectivization) for tens of thousands of Belarusians and Jews and Poles to leave for the USA, Canada and even Australia seeking better prospects. That’s why many of their descendents travel to Belarus for family research.

A competitive advantage of Belarus is its hospitable people. For centuries their life was tightly connected to nature and countryside and today Ozertso Village Museum conveniently located near Minsk offers authentic wooden houses, churches and household buildings collected from across Belarus. This is actually the best place to taste Belarusian draniki and kvass in a local tavern!

To design your Belarus travel itinerary and to obtain more information about getting a Belarus tourist visa you may make use of Belarus travel tips listed on a website of a private Minsk guide. Should you have any questions or should you be willing to book a Minsk tour of mine - do not hesitate to make an e-mail inquiry!

Private Minsk guide – Andrei, a certified Minsk guide with a vehicle offers a great range of private tours for the English-speakers. Apart from standard options he can design tailored tours to the destinations and attractions of Belarus you are interested in. Belarus travel tips including visa support and other handy information comes free of charge and is available on the website and upon request. Punctual, efficient and hardworking, Andrei is dedicated to the job and is contactable 24/7. 

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Zhukovets Igor All-On-4 prothesis expert. Immidiate loading specialist.
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Yaroschik Timofey Maxillofacial surgeon. Complex surgery and implantation.
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Shnitko Nikolay Dental prothesis, dental bridges on implants and teeth. Crowns. Veneers.
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Verbitskiy Aleksandr Expert in digital dentistry, CEREC technologies and innovations
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single phone for Belarus
401 single phone for Belarus