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Teeth whitening

Using Beyond Polus - the most innovative system in teeth whitening. One go Result

The 21st century can offer us multiple discoveries in the health and beauty industry.

These discoveries include the latest American Beyond Polus professional whitening system, which allows you to achieve an effective result from a single procedure.

Beyond Polus whitening system can whiten the teeth of heavy smokers and real coffee lovers!

Beyond Polus System Office whitening

The whitening procedure takes place in the clinic under the supervision of a dentist with the use of a special lamp, trays, and mixture which is applied to the teeth. The special gel contains all the necessary elements that contribute to the safe enamel whitening. The process itself takes place with the help of a cold Light Bridge, which is passed through the accelerator, and is commonly found on the Internet as "Beyond Cold Light Whitening"

At the same time, a filtering system which uses 150 thousand fibers and consists of several layers of optical lenses eliminate the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

This whitening method is ABSOLUTELY harmless, and the procedure takes only one hour!

Enamel after whitening

Enamel after whitening

At the moment, Beyond is acknowledged as the safest and most effective way to whiten teeth.

Office use of the Beyond Polus system does not damage the enamel. Whitening is caused by enamel micro exposure, which helps to avoid any negative consequences and hypersensitivity. The Beyond Polus system is acknowledged as an absolutely safe for teeth and enamel!

How Beyond Polus system whitens the teeth

  • The pre-whitening first stage includes s a certain preparation, which consists of professional oral hygiene. The doctor removes soft dental calculus and sediments (if any), prescribes a therapy course if the inflammatory processes of the gums occur. If present, caries is also treated at this stage.
  • At the next stage, the direct teeth whitening occurs: the gums are isolated with a sealing gel, then a professional whitening compound is applied to the teeth, and teeth are whitened by a lamp. After this, the teeth are covered by fluoride varnish to strengthen the enamel and reduce sensitivity.
  • The third stage is the "white diet", which implies the absence of colored or coloring food. The patient should be on this diet for 48 hours at least. Subsequently, it's recommended to drink coffee and colored drinks through a straw. It is also necessary to use abrasive pastes with a whitening effect.

Who should avoid the procedure?

Though the procedure is quite common, also has its contraindications. See the list:

  • allergy to certain materials,
  • acute stage of infectious diseases,
  • pregnancy and nursing
  • oncology, diabetes and other serious diseases,
  • prostheses, crowns and photopolymer restorations in the frontal region,
  • gums diseases, caries and its complications, leaky fillings.

Who can do teeth whitening?

Beyond Polus System Office whitening procedure can be done by anyone who wants to have a beautiful snow-white smile.

This procedure is a must-do for patients who have spots on the enamel surface (from coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc.).

Beyond Polus System Office whitening costs

Duration effect after teeth whitening

The duration effect is very different and depends entirely on diet and lifestyle. Usually, the effect can be last about two years. Cigarettes, coffee, and other coloring products can reduce the effect of whitening.

Beyond Polus System Office whitening costs

The cost of BEYOND Polus system whitening procedure in the KANO clinics is 400 Belarusian rubles /for 2 jaws.

Beyond Polus System Office whitening Breakthrough in whitening industry

As a world leader in the professional aesthetic dental equipment and products design and manufacture, Beyond is committed to creating the safest and most advanced hardware whitening technology.

Enjoy top-notch service, superior whitening, time-saving and safety with the latest BEYOND Polus technology at KANO clinics. After you get a bright smile in one procedure, you will know why thousands of dentists and patients around the world are delighted with this technology!

Make an appointment for a free consultation! You will be contacted by the medical coordinator soon and he will advise you on the terms and cost of treatment, pick up a doctor and make an appointment.
single phone for Belarus
401 single phone for Belarus