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Basal Implantation

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Basal Implantation in Minsk, one-stage implantation without discission

One-phase (one-stage) basal implantation is an opportunity to restore the grinding and aesthetic function of the dental curves within the shortest terms. The basal implantation method is successfully applied by the leading clinics in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries. In the past 10 years the basal implantation methods have been successfully implemented into the practice of the Belarusian implant surgeons as well.

In Belarus, there are only a few clinics that have the top specialists with the relevant qualifications, skills and experience in work with the one-phase (basal) method.

One of the most experienced specialists in basal implantation is Vladimir Leonidovich Sheleg who runs his practice at our clinic. Doctor Sheleg successfully performs one-phase implantation of both separate jaw segments and complex types of implantation.

In our practice, we apply the root-form basal implants from Swiss manufacturers (IHDE Dental, ROOTT) only. We do not use blade implants.

Basal Implantation tactics

With the indications for basal implantation that can only be determined by a top-level experienced implant surgeon, the implant is installed via a small piercing in the gum (transgingivally).

Stage 1 – implant installation

The implant is installed transgingivally – without any cuts or sutures on the gum, via small piercings. This method is low traumatic and significantly reduces the gum healing time. The patient can easily withstand the surgery.

Via a small piercing in the gum, the implant surgeon forms the bed for the implant using specialized drills. With the help of a thin surgical drill, the initial dissection is performed for the depth of the implant. Then the bony bed is formed with the help of drills of a wider diameter. At that, the size of the last drill will be a little smaller than the implant size. 

Then the implant is placed into the formed bed with the help of the implant driver and is tightly fixed inside the bed.

All surgical manipulations are performed under local anesthesia; the patient does not feel any pain! The conduction or infiltration anesthesia is used according to the indications.

Stage 2 – casting models for crowns

Right after the installation of the basal implants (most often there are 3 and more implants in a row), the prosthodontist casts models for the future crowns. This procedure is performed within 30-40 minutes and is absolutely painless.

Stage 3 – production of prosthesis subframe 

During the next 2-3 days, the subframe of the future prostheses is casted by the dental technician on the casting machine. Then the future prosthesis subframe is tried on.

During the fitting, the subframe undergoes final corrections. Then the model is returned to the dental technical laboratory for final correction.

The existence of the clinic’s own dental technical laboratory and dental technicians allows solving all the issues related to the prosthesis aesthetics and comfortable fitting right on the spot.

We have our own dental technical laboratory certified by the Belarusian Ministry of Healthcare. Our dental technicians actively participate in all prosthetics-related issues at all stages of work with the patients. This allows achieving the maximum aesthetic result that our patients will enjoy.

Stage 4 – selection and installation of artifical teeth

So, the prosthesis subframe has been corrected by the technician. Now it is time to select the form of the future teeth.

The form and the size of teeth is selected on the basis of:

  •  The patient’s age
  •  Race
  • Gender
  •  Jaw size
  •  Occlusion of teeth

The artificial teeth are made of highly durable acrylic resin. They wear with time, just like natural teeth. Their durability allows them to withstand the pressure of a 15 ton bite (!). Moreover, such teeth amortize upon bite without piercing into the gums and jaws of the patient.

 After the selection of the artificial teeth, the technician fixes them on the prepared subframe (certain technical manipulations are performed so that the teeth would tightly and securely hold on to the subframe).

Before the final fixation of the teeth to the prosthesis, the fitting is held. The prosthodontist and the technician assess the following together with the patient:

  • The form and size of the teeth
  • Occlusion of teeth
  • Whether the patient feels comfortable with the new teeth
  • Location of the dental curves in relation to the central axis.

If needed, the technician is always able to correct the prosthesis additionally and hold a repeated fitting (as the dental laboratory is located in the clinic).

Once the optimal result is achieved, the technician performs the final fixation of the teeth to the prosthesis subframe within one day.

Stage 5 – fixation of prosthesis on implants 

In our clinic in Minsk (Belarus), all the process up to the installation of the ready prosthesis onto the implants takes only 6 days! On day 7 the prosthesis is fixed onto the implants. The procedure takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the number of implants and their location).

The prosthesis is fixed on the rubber mortar of Israeli manufacture – MIS Crown Set. This material has been tested for years and is the most reliable and widespread in the prosthodontists’ practice.

The temporary mortar is used so that, if necessary, any prosthodontist could easily correct the prosthesis within the fist 6 month, if the patient suddenly feels uncomfortable or any chipping appears.

On day 8 it is preferable to correct the prosthesis after the patient has taken 1 or 2 meals, started feeling the prosthesis properly and can assess the degree of comfort and share their impressions with the implant surgeon, the prosthodontist and the dental technician!

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single phone for Belarus
401 single phone for Belarus